Free Initial Consultation

Our firm has the advantage of being small and therefore able to give personal and conscientious care and attention to our clients and provide quality legal service. Our size is also an advantage because we do not have the high costs and overhead associated with larger full service law firms. On the other hand, our size limits the number of clients we can represent with quality service. If through our initial communications we believe we can help the prospective client, we progress to a free initial office conference in order to better assess our ability to provide assistance.

Of course, a matter of importance and concern to the client is “how much will it cost”? The question of the amount of a fee for professional legal services depends upon a variety of factors which are better addressed and evaluated at the time of the free initial consultation. Generally, we prefer quoting fees on the basis of the value of the services provided on a “flat fee” basis. We find that our clients prefer to know going into the relationship that they will be charged a fixed fee as opposed to fees based on time spent and billed at an hourly rate. Clients are more comfortable knowing that they can contact us whenever the need arises without the fear of incurring an unexpected large legal bill.


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